Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

10.8 Digital - Merit - EcoYouth, Arachnid Sdn Bhd


UMW Toyota Motor

Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

Internet URL

Creative Director
Chin Weng Keong

Art Director
Wong Hean Meng

Kuah Joo Khai

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer

Wong Hean Meng


Karen Wong, Yeo Chin Ling

Client Service

Karen Koay, Syamsiah Yassin

Size/Duration of Ad

10 months

Toyota EcoYouth is a conservation-based nationwide competition for students. Previously, online initiatives were limited to the announcement of winners and a summary of each team's projects. This year, Toyota Malaysia wants to engage teens who are not competing, to increase their interest level and environmental awareness. We turned the competition into an Internet reality programme by letting teams blog about their progress.

Teens reading the blogs got to know team members better, posted messages of support, shared opinions and learned more about conservation than they would have from a wordy year-end report. Visitors could also participate in an online hunt designed to educate participants about conservation and download digital badges of support for EcoYouth. The EcoYouth site had 19 545 visits (14 065 unique) HALFWAY through the competition. This is almost double the number of visits to the site throughout the entire competition the previous year.



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