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The Malaysian Advertising Awards

10.8 Digital - Merit - Soh Hem Sem, Arachnid

Soh Hem Sem

Sara Lee Malaysia

Hair care products

Internet URL
http://www.workdoneby.us/shs | http://www.sohhemsem.com

Creative Director
Chin Weng Keong

Art Director

Wong Hean Meng

Cheah Pih Nyuk

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Lim Ai Vee

Karen Wong

Client Service
Adrian Chong

Size/Duration of Ad
3 months


In Malaysia, Brylcreem is a long-established brand of hairstyling products that needed to break free of its old-fashioned image - to reconnect with younger consumers and reclaim its market share. Its first online campaign featured videos of hilarious product demonstrations with plenty of mock violence inflicted upon a character named Soh Hem Sem (an intentional colloquial mis-pronunciation of 'So Handsome') - a cocky, self-proclaimed hot guy whom regular Joes just love to hate.

It was a hit with the brand's young male target audience. Now, we've launched Soh Hem Sem 2.0 - which leverages Web2.0 technology to let users: - Suggest new ways to abuse Soh. The best suggestions were filmed and uploaded. - Replace Soh's face in the videos with friends' photos, and send them out as pranks. - Join our video contest by filming their own Soh Hem Sem product-demo videos. Winners were determined by site visitor votes. These gave users new ways to interact and be involved with the brand - to have a hand in the creation of the site's popular video content, and to feel a sense of ownership and advocacy.

Relying solely on the online campaign (the only other marketing activity at the time were existing point-of-sale displays) Brylcreem achieved these results: Doubled sales figures of their hair wax range - Tripled their market share from 3% to 9% - Increased top-of-mind recall among young males by 33% - Increased perception of the brand as being contemporary by 15% - 96% of site visitors now felt the brand was targeted at below-30s - 48% said they would now consider buying Brylcreem products



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