Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

5.0 Innovative Media - Merit - Max Reflection, DraftFCB

Max Reflection

S.C. Johnson

Kit Max Wax

Creative Director
Lakshmi Mohan

Art Director

Rizal Sufar

Vinod Divakaran

Client Service
Choo Kah Wai

Rizal Sufar

Print Producer
MT Kalithasan

Color Separation
Far East Offset Engraving Sdn Bhd

Cars with dirty bodies were selected and a small section on the cars’A-pillar frame on the driver’s side was polished with Kit Max Wax for a shiny surface. The product shaped card with the word ‘Max’ was then placed in the slit between the A-pillar and the windshield, so that it’s reflection ‘Wax’ would clearly be seen on the polished body part. The reflective message (which happens to be the product name) received its desired attention from not just the drivers but passersby as well, resulting in them being immediately impressed with the wax’s capabilities, thus prompting them to purchase the product.



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