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9.0 Online Advertising - Merit - Consequence 3: Children, Bozell Worldwide

Consequence 3: Children

Volvo Cars Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Internet URL

Creative Director
Choe Chee Sun

Art Director
Ng Kok Wang

Ong Shee Hoi

Immerse Communications Sdn Bhd

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Immerse Communications Sdn Bhd

Immerse Communications Sdn Bhd, Vincent Lin, Khoo Yong Wei

Client Service
Gina Yap

Ng Kok Wang

The Volvo brand has always been synonymous with Safety. In line with Volvo’s ongoing efforts to promote safety on the road, an interactive campaign was developed to further propagate the message. In parts of Asia, and especially in Malaysia, chinese literate professionals form the bulk of Volvo’s consumers. Hence, this campaign is developed in Chinese.

It's a campaign of 3 interactive banners. Each banner features a chinese character where a stroke is replaced by the seat belt, thus completing the character in question. The 3 characters used are chosen to represent the various types of people commonly found riding in a car: Banner#3: Character: CHILDREN (referring to your children who are riding in the car) These banners appear at random.


  1. Click on the url www.volvocars.com.my
  2. You will see a main banner with 3 tabs on it. Click on the Volvo Safety tab.
  3. When the banner comes on, you will see the chinese character. And a red blinking light at the seat belt buckle. Click on it. This will unfasten the seat belt. Once the seat belt is unfastened, you will see the chinese character shaking violently and you will hear a loud collision sound followed by the collapse of the chinese character, representing what happens to the body of the person(s) in the event of a collision. A headline appears to say: (Banner#3): For your children’s safety, please ensure that they fasten their seat belts.
  4. After that, a REPLAY button appears in the top right corner. Click on the REPLAY button. Instead of a repeat of what just happened, you will hear a second collision sound and you will see the chinese character scattering into many more pieces. The next headline appears to say: Because there is no second chance in real life. 5. Wait a little. The screen dissolves into the Volvo logo, with a line below it that says: Volvo. Inventor of the 3-point safety belt. NOTE: To experience the other banners, just click on the Volvo Safety tab again.


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