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9.1 Websites - Merit - The Fuel-Efficient Engine, Arachnid

The Fuel-Efficient Engine

UMW Toyota Motor


Internet URL

Creative Director
Chin Weng Keong

Art Director
Wong Hean Meng

Kuah Joo Khai

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer

Hatim Azizan

Yeo Chin Ling

Client Service
Karen Koay, Joanne Lee


Hatim Azizan, Wong Hean Meng

Size/Duration of Ad
2 months

Toyota wanted us to create a quiz-based online contest to help educate consumers about their VVT-i and D4D engines. We immediately latched onto one of the engines' main features: fuel-economy - which is extremely topical due to the recent massive increases in fuel prices in Malaysia. It became our main campaign message to get drivers interested in learning about all the benefits that the VVT-i and D4D engines offer. Instead of a text-based quiz, we built a much more visually-compelling contest site that educates consumers about the VVT-i and D4D engines' advantages with lighthearted and entertaining storytelling.

The contest element is a fun online game that further underlines the engine's fuel-efficiency as contestants outlast a pursuing dragon in a car equipped with a VVT-i or D4D engine. Even the contest prize is designed to appeal to consumers hard-hit by the fuel price hike: winners get cash to buy fuel.



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