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(3.1) Online advertising [banners, brand applications] — MERIT, Facebook Friends, Leo Burnett Advertising

In conjunction with the worldwide 6 days of activism against gender violence, the client wanted a movement that would reach wider groups of people, at a near zero budget. The aim? Raise awareness that domestic violence can happen to anyone and garner support.

We came up with an online idea using Facebook, to demonstrate that a victim or abuser could be someone you’ve just met or known for years. Two ctional proles were created (one for Lynna, a victim, and another Benny, an aggressor) to appeal to both male and female Facebook users.

They were then sent out to users as a Friend Suggestion invitation. At rst these friends seem normal, attractive individuals. Upon closer inspection, users began to notice hints of their personal issues. Their true identities were nally revealed at the end, with an invitation to join the WAO Facebook group to support the cause and share information. An online T-shirt designing activity was also introduced to encourage show if support.

Memebers of teh WAO Facebook Group: 934 members, friends of Benny; 416, friends of Lynna; 336... and growing. The campaign also sparked positive reaction from Facebook users. More importantly, it helped raise awareness and oer help to those who may be at risk, as well as their friends.

Facebook Friends

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO)

Public Service

Internet URL

Creative Director
Tan Kien Eng, Theresa Tsang, Valerie Chen

Art Director
Phianphon Sitichaidecha, Theresa Tsang

Nik Faraliza, Valerie Chen

Lo Yew Joe

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Tsen Joon Onn

Client Service
Theresa Tsang

Production Manager
Chia Kah Yau

Technology Production Manager
Mizhael Kong



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