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(3.1) Online advertising [banners, brand applications] — MERIT, un-b.liv-able before & after effects, Immerse Communications sdn bhd

The Cellnique Corporation was launching their new line of youth skin care products called b•l?v and was looking to the digital media to engage the younger consumer segment.

Challenges & Objectives

Cellnique is a paramedical skin care specialist focused on providing skin care solutions to a more mature clientele via beauty centers and skin care salons. b•liv however was designed to reach out to a much younger consumer group.

The challenge and the objective then was to:
1. create an engaging and interactive experience that would communicate b•liv's product benefits in a "cool" way
2. develop a "2-way channel" where Cellnique was able to constantly keep in touch with their consumers in a manner which was not intrusive

What was conceptualised was a Facebook application that allowed users to "apply" common problematic skin conditions to the faces of their friends making them look a little messed-up and..."Un-b.liv-able".

To rid themselves of the problematic skin conditions, "friends" with the "skin problems" had to use and interact with the b•liv products to remove the applied effects, thus discovering the products specific use and qualities in a fun and entertaining manner.

Additional Challenges
Not long after the application on Facebook was launched, Cellnique decided to change b•liv's brand positioning and is now being re-branded.

un-b.liv-able before & after effects

Cellnique Corporation

Brand Application

Internet URL

Creative Director
Kerry Khoo

Art Director
Tan Kok Huat, Allen Liew

Eunice Koe

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Apple Tan, Kwan Yee Lung, Yap Fui Lon

Sonny Soh

Chris Tan

Client Service
Jeffrey Tang, Joey Khor



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