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(3.2) Websites — BRONZE, Creative RAM page, Arachnid sdn bhd

Every year, a rampage of design graduates pour out by the thousands from Malaysian colleges, vying for the most coveted jobs in various creative fields. To snag these limited positions, candidates need to really stand out from a meadow of peers. PJCAD, a design school under the renowned Inti-Laureate group, recognises this and operates smaller-than-average classes with more personalised nurturing so that good talent has a better chance of standing out. This year, PJCAD's recruitment campaign goes online with a quirky, participative and viral website, offering scholarships and other prizes for deserving new recruits. Prospective students exercise their talent by designing a sheep (our symbol of conformity and sameness) that will stand out in a virtual meadow of other sheep - much like how their portfolios must stand out when job-hunting. The visual and copy play on the site also serve to inspire students on how creativity can transform something as seemingly mundane as sheep into something quite out of this world.

Creative RAM-page

PJ College of Art and Design

Design college

Internet URL
Creative Director
Chin Weng Keong

Art Director
Wong Hean Meng

Justine Lee

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Henry Lee, Look Chee Heng

Leong Teik Fei

Client Service
Keith Ng, Aalissa Yap



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