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(3.2) Websites — BRONZE, Doooodolls, XM Malaysia

The primary objective of this website is "stickiness." The more people interact with the Dooodolls, the more likely they are to purcahse them. This website gives us the pre-history of the DoooDolls as they are now - where they came from and how they had to save their planet to be here. In this game, or mission, you play on their side in defeating the evil Dr. Toooth Toooth. You have to interact with every single character on the site in order to complete the mission.

Your mission in all of this is to help the Dooos save their planet from the evil Dr. Toooth Toooth by finding the 8 golden seeds and restoring life to the Treee (the central life-force of Planet Dooo). In order to do so, you will need to interact with every one of these always lovable, often twisted little creatures, recruit them and uncover the many secrets of Planet Dooo. Many of the games are interlinked – you’ll have to involve more than one character to solve a particular puzzle. Recruiting them, however; is not so simple. You will be asked to solve puzzles, play games, unlock secrets and generally immerse yourself in their world. All of the games and puzzles are based on the characters’ profiles. The Treee is noticeably ill (lack of colour). The more Dooodolls you recruit along the way, the healthier the tree becomes (its colour returns), until finally, you restore the planet to its happy self.


Dooodolls sdn bhd

Dooodools: Plushes, apparel, merchandise

Internet URL
Creative Director
Stuart Godwin, Darren Chen

Art Director
Darren Chen, George Tan, Stuart Godwin

Darren Chen, Stuart Godwin, Ong Han Vi, Chew Kai Xin

Darren Chen, Ng Wei Ling, Dooodolls Studio, Chew Pei Lyn, Nathanael gabriel, Xm Studio

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Nathanael gabriel, Ng Wei Ling, Xm Studio

Nathanael gabriel, Halim Dahlan

Client Service
Stuart Godwin, Devendra Loganathan

Darren Chen, Ng Wei Ling, Chew Pei Lyn

Darren Chen, XM studio



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