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(3.2) Websites — BRONZE, Eyeball, Grey Kuala Lumpur

To raise awareness for Grey Group’s Eye On Asia, the widest, most in-depth consumer study offered by any advertising or marketing agency in the region. 

We created a fictional online pandemic that has infected the whole of Asia called EYEBALL. Appearing as a form of surveillance spyware, it observed and captured the lives of Asians on camera – wherever they were, at the closest level possible.  Aiding awareness of this ‘spyware’ were viral spots of curious surveillance footages, mailers in the form of eyeballs, film canisters containing covert snapshots, and ambient signages beside actual CCTV cameras. Each of these channels drove people to www.eyeball.com.my.  The microsite allowed visitors to experience the outbreak via an interactive map, complete with CCTV footages taken from all over the region. This spyware allowed them to study places and people in up-close detail – all without their knowledge. By clicking on the eyeball icons on the map, visitors could adjust their viewing distance from satellite-level all the way to CCTV-level.  Every now and then, new eyeball icons accompanied by newsflashes appeared as the pandemic spread to a new region.  The Eye On Asia consumer study became accessible after the map was entirely infested by EYEBALL, denoting that ‘the surveillance is complete’. 

Within 3 weeks, the Eye On Asia microsite surpassed benchmark averages, both in time spent on site (4:10 minutes compared to 2:26) as well as total pages scanned per visit (5:86 to 3:42) based on Google Analytics.  With the bulk of promotion done via online seeding at hardly any cost, the site and its awareness campaign were profiled and discussed on over 20 local and international forums, including Malaysia’s biggest-selling newspaper. It also created buzz on social networking sites Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr and Blogspot.


Grey Group

Eye On Asia Consumer Study

Internet URL

Creative Director
David Sin

Art Director
David Sin, Jonathan Lim

Charlene Ong, Sunny Ng, Ng Bee Nee

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Deepan Armugan

Lukman Hussein, Janice Hoh



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