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(3.2) Websites — BRONZE, Malaysia Truly Business, TBWA-ISC Malaysia sdn bhd

In 2008 a recession hit the world economy. In order to give the economy of Malaysia a boost, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) placed a website called Malaysia Truly Business, taking the lead from Tourism Malaysia tagline “Malaysia Truly Asia”. The website boasts 168 reasons why investors should consider Malaysia as the best country in the Southeast Asian Region to invest in. The actual facts of the 168 reasons were carefully researched and selected. The website was designed for easy navigation through components that were created to entice potential investors to click through. As soon as the website was launched there have been a number of enquiries coming through to MITI from potential investors showing interest and asking questions about the facts and figures in the website.

Malaysia Truly Business

Ministry Of International Trade And Industry (MITI)

International Trade

Internet URL
Creative Director
Jeff Orr, Paul Lingan

Joseph Sam

Chang Tuck Wah

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Musa Sotiri

Guna Krishnan

Client Service
Venkatesh Raj, Stephanie Lee, Zarina Parry



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