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(3.2) Websites — MERIT, Kraft Singles-Kraftville, WPP Marketing Communications (M) sdn bhd

To inspire moms to serve Kraft Singles cheese every day.

Challenges & Objectives

Cheese consumption within Asian culture is usually limited to sandwiches. Despite being a very good supplement for calcium intake and bone development other than milk, cheese consumption is still low due to its unique taste. Awareness of other benefits of cheese like low lactose and how it helps strengthen teeth are also almost non-existent.

The website and campaign set out to inspire and surprise moms with versatility and alternative methods of food preparation using Kraft Singles cheese whilst drawing mom’s attention on the benefits of cheese.

The challenge then was how all these components came together in an online interactive media without being boring and extending beyond the campaign.

Firstly, we conceptualised a “Signature Dish” segment on a popular local TV talkshow and invited guests to show how versatile and creative Kraft Singles cheese can be used in the preparation of local Asian dishes / meals for any time of the day (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner) and not limited to 2 slices of bread and a piece of cheese in between. We then wrap it around a contest getting participants to name a signature dish which we created specifically for this campaign.

Inspired by the fun and lovable cow - Moo, Kraft’s Singles Cheese mascot, we felt would appeal to both moms and their children, we created Kraftville : Moo’s ‘virtual’ homeland in a ‘3D environment’. Sections of Moo’s homeland would represent different sections of the website like the ‘kitchen’ where Moo runs to prepare lots of exciting food (i.e. video and recipe database, with the option to plan your weekly meal); Moo’s production house of fresh cheese (i.e. products information); Moo’s learning room (i.e. product benefits); Moo’s farm billboard for advertisements (i.e. promotion highlights);l Moo’s clothes drying yard (i.e. downloads section), etc.

Within 4 months of the launch, without having any online traffic drivers, we manage to get over 12,000 visits generating over 100,000 page views! We have over 500 interested mums signing up as members to use our Recipe Planner tool as well as almost 1000 ratings for our database of recipes. Additionally, over 800 email invites were sent via our site’s tell-a-friend page.

Kraft Singles - Kraftville

Kraft Malaysia


Internet URL

Creative Director
Kerry Khoo, Lee See Yin

Art Director
Alan Liew

Kerry Khoo

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Alan Liew

Sonny Soh, Chris Tan

Client Service
Jeffrey Tang, Lee See Yin

Production House
Immerse Communications Sdn. Bhd.



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