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(3.2) Websites — MERIT, Stage Cosmetics, IF / Interactive

For the Stage Cosmetics website, we captured the drama and passion embodied by the brand, to develop a site that is elegantly chic, and yet intuitively functional. The site was created based on the concept that every picture perfect face requires much behind-the-scenes effort going into the creation of the look. As such, Stage Cosmetics does all the backstage groundwork necessary to transport one to the centre stage of glamour.

The Stage Cosmetics website serves as the centrepiece of the brand’s CRM programme: Customers may apply to become Backstage members at any outlet, and Stage will create a unique profile for every member on its website. Signing up as a member entitles customers to collect points with each purchase. These points are constantly updated onto their profiles on the website, allowing Backstage members to login and check on their latest point standing at any time.

Furthermore, customers who purchase Stage products will also receive a complimentary cosmetics makeover by a professional makeup artist. A photo will then be taken on-site, to be uploaded onto the website’s Look Book section as an inspiration to other cosmetics lovers. This adds to the depth of engagement between the brand and its target consumer group. The site also hosts the Makeup Box (Stage’s array of products), Stylist Secrets (tips & tricks on cosmetics application), as well as News sections.

Stage Cosmetics

Alliance Cosmetic Group


Internet URL
Creative Director
Liew Sanyen

Art Director
Birdie Ting

May Ling, John Royce

Alan Woo, Ng Zhi Quan

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Alan Woo, Ng Zhi Quan

Kong Lee Seng, Darien Toh

Client Service
Christopher Koh, Lynette Cheng



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