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(3.6) Digital Campaign — BRONZE, Lurve - What's Your LURVE Affair?, WPP Marketing Communications (Malaysia) sdn bhd

To relaunch the LURVE brand via digital media in the competitive snacks market and create viral brand awareness targeting 18-29 year old females who are looking for healthy snacks.

Challenges & Objectives

Snacking is seen as unhealthy, whether between or after meals. We needed to make the target audience aware that ‘healthy’ snacking of chips are available and it certainly tastes just as good as any other type of potato chips. These young women needed to realise that LURVE chips actually can liberate their snacking experience.

Create a Facebook application that allows everyone to express their “LURVE” affair. Because when you have a ‘love’ affair, you are free to revel in it however you want to without concern of consequences. The Facebook application allowed visitors to sprinkle a little LURVE and ‘enhance’ the photos within their gallery and share it with friends. They can discover LURVE by taking quizzes, sharing it with friends and see if their LURVE types or ‘personality’ matches. They could even share their LURVE stories and ‘confess’ what really get’s their heart going. Users could even send LURVE packs and Spreading LURVE essentially announcing to users within the network, thus creating further interest. To bring it all together, we organized a contest to search for the most LURVE’d person within Facebook. Apart from supporting the campaign with online ads, other mediums were also chosen to spread brand awareness and to create viral interest

- Campaign awareness :
Counter top displays at Starbucks, and with TVCs being streamed once someone logs-on to the Starbucks wi-fi networks
- Sampling :
During lunch hours at Starbucks, LURVE packs were given away upon purchases of lunch meals
- Engaging bloggers : Quickie Blogger contest, initiated via 8TV’s Quickie show host Belinda Chee revealing her LURVE affair, encouraged viewers to visit her blog thus instigating even more bloggers to write about their own LURVE affairs (e.g. with boyfriends, with pets, with food, etc.). Winners were then invited to the 8TV Quickie show to share on national TV their LURVE affairs.

Within 8 weeks of the campaign, there was almost 90,000 page views on the Facebook application page, 12,127 photos sprinkled with LURVE (3,945 LURVE photos shared), 4,234 Facebook application installations, 1,540 discovered LURVE (11,467 quizzes shared), 785 entered themselves to be the most-LURVE’d person, 575 LURVE stories submitted (3099 stories were rated).
To-date, 5,362 subscribed and became fans of LURVE on Facebook. When doing a blogsearch on Google for the keyword “LURVE Affair”, results returned with 3,061 matched searches.

Lurve - What's Your LURVE Affair?

Kraft Malaysia


Internet URL

Creative Director
Lee See Yin, Kerry Khoo

Art Director
Apple Tan, Tan Kok Huat

Kerry Khoo

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Yap Fui Lon, Kwan Yee Lung

Sonny Soh, Chris Tan

Client Service
Desmond Kiu, Zufar Zahran, Jeffrey Tang

Production House
Immerse Communications Sdn. Bhd.

Production House Producer
Joey Khor



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