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MERIT — Child Bride, Gan Lay Theng / Ooi Huey Bee / Lim Soon Hean / Wong Quan Guan, The One Academy.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a 20 year old international legislative agreed by different governments to protect the rights of children everywhere to live happy, healthy and fruitful life. The CRC covers 4 sectors known as the 4 pillars which includes survival, development, protection and involvement. Recently, a shocking news has rocked the world; the government of Gaza sponsored 450 girls age below 10 to marry bridegrooms who are in their late twenties. This despicable act has caused us to take action.

There are 51 million child brides. They are forces to have sexual intercourse, denied freedom, and are physically abused frequently. Sadly, the locals do not see this as a problem.

We intend to shock by showing the truth: child marriage and pregnancy is common and acceptable in certain countries. We want to force the public to notice and influence the government to put a stop to the abuse of child’s right.



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