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(3.2) Websites — BRONZE, The coolest recruitment programme, Ogilvy Malaysia

Winner of a Silver DMAM for Best Recruitment Programme. Winner of a Bronze DMAM for Best use of Web: Brand Building. THE CHALLENGE: Hotlink Youth Club is a prepaid service for youths under 25. Faced with a highly competitive market, the brand needed a recruitment campaign to ensure their numbers could offset the effects of high customer churn (average monthly 45- 50%). 

Give the brand a ‘cool’ edge. Increase customer base to reach 400,000 subscribers by end 2009. Create interaction between customers and Hotlink Youth Club.
The strategy 
While competitors went heavy on ATL spending and music sponsorships, Hotlink Youth Club went where the target was: online. The opportunity was to create desirability and engage the youth by positioning Hotlink Youth Club as their cool community. 

The idea
Trying to create ‘cool’ can be a minefield. So, instead of forcing our version of cool, we took what appeals to the target – art and design - and collaborated with local artists to co-create a website. Cool is constant change - so the site changed frequently with fresh artwork, content, activities and site enhancements. Each web page was unique and required a 30-page revamp every change. There was no ATL announcement, instead, the youth discovered the site as it evolved, either on their own, or through friends or via innovative web banners such as Malaysia’s first ‘sidekick banner’. To keep members coming back for more, new components were added monthly such as SHARE, Bid & Win and Snap the Sticker. The website connected with consumers via social media sites such as Facebook, Friendster and Twitter. This gave members the chance to talk to the brand and to each other, creating a community vibe. 

The results 
The web was the main channel of acquisition. New members reached 700,000 by end August 2009 (campaign’s 4th month, exceeding the target of 400,000 for the entire year. At the end of the campaign, the number of new recruits shot up to 3.72 million. Exceeding the initial target by 830%. Hotlink Youth Club had successfully engaged the youth (measured through online buzz generated and number of unique visitors to the site) 384 users linked their sites to www.hotlinkyouthclub.com.my (Webtrends).80,000 unique monthly online visitors against expected 20,000 (Webtrends). More than 50,000 followers in Friendster, Facebook and Twitter. 

The Coolest Recruitment Programme

Maxis Berhad


Internet URL

Creative Director
Selina Ang

Art Director
Tong Chee Choong, Faizal Reza

Barry Victor

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Michelle Lye, Leong Sok Voon

Beh Woei Horng

Client Service
Lim Tien Ming, Tai Yi Lane, M. Kanashan


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