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(3.2) Websites — MERIT, The Amazing Trails of the Econauts, IF Interactive

The Challenge: 
To create a virtual Amazing Trails event to serve as a ‘pre-requisite’ for a reality hunt and to increase the Tribe Toyota online community base. A treasure hunt-based virtual campaign called ‘The Amazing Trails of the Econauts’ was created. It is an immersive story-driven game the players act upon clues by solving puzzles that lead to a goal - the capture of the notorious eco-villain named X. The players play the role of a new Econauts recruit. The Econauts are an eco-crime prevention organization whose mission is to put a stop to those who commit crimes against the environment – X in particular. 

The journey is an important part of a physical hunt. Thus the navigation from website A to website B using a virtual “GPS” - the virtual translation of physical travelling from location A to B. Differing styles of each website enhances the experience of being in different places. The players go through a series of challenging games and puzzles throughout the story. Story The story revolves around a rookie Econaut who goes on a journey tracking and foiling X’s attempts to destroy the environment. The story ends with an interesting twist: The Econaut is actually X from the future having returned to alter his past to save his future. The message that is being conveyed was of how we are ALL guilty of leaving unwanted carbon footprints and we should make a change in our daily habits. But actions speak louder than words so a platform was provided for players to make a pledge to change. In conclusion, the Amazing Trails of the Econauts provided not only an exciting and engaging virtual hunt experience but a reminder to all, about the importance of environmental conservation and going green. 

The Amazing Trails of the Econauts



Internet URL

Creative Director
Liew Sanyen

Art Director
Benedict Tan

Zaid, Evonne Chia

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Evonne Chia, Alan Woo, Andrew Gooi

Kun Liang, Darien Toh, Lee Seng, Sean Wong

Client Service
Liew San Ling, Alex Chai


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