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(3.2) Websites — MERIT, Trojan Horse, Leo Burnett Advertising / ARC Worldwide Malaysia

The Brief 
The DMAM Awards celebrates the best of DM ideas among ad agencies. Yet up to 2009, participation in the show has steadily declined. Beyond creating the call-for-entries mailer, how do we revive participation in DMAM 2009 and raise the status of direct marketing as an effective weapon alongside traditional advertising? 

The Solution 
The fabled Trojan Horse is a great example of how a single idea, brilliantly crafted and executed, can break through seemingly impenetrable walls to reach its target and be remembered forever. And by bringing the iconic secret weapon to life on the awards submission website, we jolted jaded agency folk to “write their names into history” with their own powerful ideas. 

The Results 
The Trojan Horse proved to be the perfect metaphor for direct marketing, and indeed, the perfect weapon for us. Our attention-grabbing approach resulted in a 100% increase in participation, with a mix of 16 advertising, digital and DM agencies taking part (only 8 the previous year), and over 200 entries received. It was a remarkable achievement considering the budget cuts from clients and agencies due to the economic slump. 

Trojan Horse

Direct Marketing Association of Malaysia (DMAM)

Direct Marketing Awards 2009

Internet URL

Creative Director
Theresa Tsang, Valerie Chen, Tan Kien Eng

Art Director
Phianphon Sitichaidecha, Koh Siok Yee

Benjamin Chen, Gauri Dalvi

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Michael Tsen, Eric Liaw

Helmi Ismail, Lai Hooi King, Leong Pui Yee, Agnes Lee, Chia Kah Yau

Client Service
Kristin Chong, Jason John

Khairul Anuar

Agency Producer
Cheok Kay Kuan



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