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(3.2) Websites — MERIT, What moves you, Tribal DDB

PROTON recently celebrated its 25th anniversary as the nation’s first carmaker. They approached us to find a way to commemorate this milestone on the Web, in a way that recognised and rewarded the loyalty and support of the Malaysian consumers, Proton car owners and non-owners alike. 

PROTON’s greatest achievement? They are a “people mover” and they have enabled lives across all ages, races and cultures. So, we asked the rakyat: What Moves You? 

Via a microsite, we visualised PROTONs’ and the consumers’ achievements together in an organic 25 year timeline. Visitors could ‘Like’ every part of the brand’s milestones or add their own ‘Likes’ via Facebook. 

With over 10, 000 Likes, we influenced consumers to share their personal stories, photos and videos as stories of how the brand ‘moved’ them, both literally and figuratively, throughout the past 25 years. To further encourage contributions, we sent personalised emails to all 11 PROTON forums, to urge forum members to share their personal stories.  

What Moves You

Proton Holdings Berhad


Internet URL
Creative Director
Faizal Reza

Art Director
Ashok Kumar, Maharis Azman

Suffian Rahman, Nadhirah Nadzri, Waikit Lam

Ashok Kumar

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Yeo Chin Ling

Remi Helmay

Client Service
Leong Kuan Yew, Soo Kwok Weng, Lola Chin


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