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(3.5) Open [digital installations, adver-games, kiosks] — MERIT, Castrol Footie Gladiators, Compass Interactive Sdn Bhd

To build brand affinity with the younger football audience based on their favourite hangout spots.
Based on a study that Castrol did, 80% of young Malaysians frequently watch football outdoors with friends. An important hangout place for them is the “mamaks” (low-cost dining outlets frequented at nights). With that in mind, the Castrol Footie Gladiators game was brought to the 10 most popular “mamaks” in Malaysia. 

The idea was to have a real time multi-player game to attract and engage the audience. Every match lasts for 3 minutes with 10 players in each match. Players are required to knock out other players from the field and gather as much points as possible. Castrol fuel is incorporated into the football game as perks given to players if they collect Castrol fuel bottles to increase their performance and defence.

Players participate in this game by doing the following:
  1. Call a hotline number listed on the projected screen.
  2. They will each have an avatar with their mobile number attached to it.
  3. Navigate using the mobile keypads.
  4. For every player who is knocked out before the 3 minutes ended, another player waiting in queue will take his/her place.
  5. Instead of idly waiting for the match to start, audiences now have something to participate in that is fun and engaging.
Over the span of 2 months, this campaign was used to capture audiences’ attention before, during half time and after the match. The response from this was over 10% participation across all venues, with full participation every time the game was played. All in all, Castrol Footie Gladiators managed to reach out and capture the youths in building the brand affinity Castrol was seeking to forge this World Cup. 

Castrol Footie Gladiators

Castrol Malaysia

Motor Oil

Internet URL

Creative Director
Wong Wai Mun

Art Director
Wong Wai Mun

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Choo Boon Ying

Edmund Wong, Ng Kok Weng

Client Service
Edmund Wong, Wong Wai Sun

In collaboration with GroupM Malaysia who provided the mobile technology platform (TiKi)


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