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(3.5) Open [digital installations, adver-games, kiosks] — BRONZE, Coke Timbang Frenzy, Arachnid Sdn Bhd

As a main sponsor of World Cup 2010, Coke had exclusive rights to bring the trophy on a world tour. The Malaysian leg of the tour was a huge 1-day event where Coke had to share venue space with scores of co-sponsors all vying for attention.

Coke needed an activity at the event that would allow it to stand out and more importantly, let it reclaim a connection with football – the very reason for this sponsorship in the first place.

Coke Trophy Timbang is a football-themed video-immersion game. Far from being a conventional first- or third-person game with digital avatars and conventional controllers, ours lets players see their real-life selves inside the game, and use their own bodies' movement as interfaces to interact with the game environment.
As a 2-player game, head-to-head matches and high-score boards encouraged attendees to try and outdo one another. 
Ongoing games are also projected onto huge screens visible from across the event space and streamed on remote plasma screens placed strategically around the venue – attracting even more players.

In total, there were 698 games of Coke Timbang Frenzy played, the maximum number possible during the 12-hour event (1-minute game with 2-4 players each, and a few seconds to get new players into place). 
Though built in-house from scratch, at a fraction of major developers' budgets, we've created a cut-through and highly-memorable football experience that drew players from all walks of life, many of whom re-queued to play multiple times and brought friends and family for a try. 

Coke Timbang Frenzy

Coke Malaysia

World Cup Trophy Tour Event Installation

Internet URL
Creative Director
Chin Weng Keong

Art Director
Brian Leong

Justine Lee

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Look Chee Heng, Zaheer Kaisar

Leong Teik Fei, Julius Lee

Client Service
Sue-Ann Chan, Dawn Yee


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