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(3.6) Digital Campaign — MERIT, Clash of the continents, Compass Interactive Sdn Bhd

To build brand affinity with the younger football audience based on their interests and favourite hangout spots.

To address the brief, an insight was done whereby it was noted that 80% of young Malaysians like to watch football outdoors with friends. One of the main spots for them to manifest this interest out is in “mamaks” (low-cost dining outlets frequented at nights). Apart from that, most of the youths are heavy online and mobile users. With these insights at hand, this campaign was built on the online and mobile platform.

1 Social network
To address the online platform, a Facebook application was created. This contest which poses as a challenge is called, “Castrol Footie Gladiators”. The premise is a face-off between the two top football continents and every user who plays needs to pick a side. The battle is an online football game where users trained online by knocking out as many opponents as possible in 90 seconds. A scoring system determines the winners who will then receive prizes as well as an opportunity to playing an on-ground challenge with their favourite DJs.

2 On ground execution
To bring the hype to the crowd live, this game was brought to the 10 most popular “mamaks” in Malaysia. The challenge was more engaging since fans competed in a multi-player game real time! Fans control their avatar on the big screen by using their mobile phone keypads. This game was used to capture audiences before, during half time and after the match

Over the span of two months, there was an overwhelming response from the crowd. On Facebook alone, there were 15,070 fans, 6,311 unique players and a play count of 126,342. The average game plays per person were 20.
Whereas on-ground, this game received over 10% participation across all venues, garnering a full participation every time the game was played and an average engagement time of 3 minutes. In summary, the Castrol Footie Gladiators fulfilled its goal of reaching out and engaging the younger audience, thus building the brand affinity that Castrol set out to accomplish.

Clash of The Continents

Castrol Malaysia

Motor Oil

Internet URL

Creative Director
Wong Wai Mun

Art Director
Wong Wai Mun

Joe Lee

Edmund Wong, Ng Kok Weng

Client Service
Edmund Wong, Wong Wai Sun

In collaboration with GroupM Malaysia.


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