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(3.6) Digital Campaign — SILVER, Ronnie got lucky, IF Interactive

The Challenge
To create and increase online awareness of IE8 and to regain market share of IE users in Malaysia. Key insights: Online video consumption is on the rise, with over 10 billion video streams in June from the US alone. Globally people found online video ads more engaging when they were funny (41%) vs. Informative (32%). [source: Nielsen 2009] 

The Solution
A digital campaign that portrays the concept of relationships where browsers are portrayed as the characters in the story. The story tells the tale of Ronnie’s tribulations with several girls from a speed-dating programme right after coming out of a steady relationship. To engage the audience better, a Point-of-view handheld technique was employed to shoot most of the film which puts the audience in Ronnie’s shoes- giving the audience an immersive experience as Ronnie himself. However, the immersion is part of a bigger picture – the interactivity. At certain parts of the film, users are able to determine the outcome of the following scene. To complete the story, users are required to use IE8. At one point in the film, Ronnie asks Pat Yi Poh, another lead character in the film, if he could use the internet. She requests Ronnie, the user, to upgrade her browser to IE8. She will refuse to talk to the audience, telling them that they’re ‘not cool’ if they decline to do so and are not using the right Web browser. After installing IE8, a special customised installer will automatically lead the user back to the part where they left off. Users can view additional content such as the behind-the-scenes gallery, bloopers, and interviews with the talents at the end of the movie. 
They can also easily share this content on Facebook or Twitter. Easter eggs were also implemented to enhance the user’s experience and maximise virality - illustrated in several scenes, where Pat Yi Poh takes photos of the characters in the film with her mobile device. The same photos appear in the mobile version of the website, blurring the lines between the story and reality. 1139 users shared the link at the start of the campaign and the viral effect resulted in 8928 users watching the video by early July. In the span of 2 months, the site received 25, 563 visits and 200, 866 Pageviews. An average of almost 18 minutes was spent on the website in the first few weeks of its launch. This meant that users completed viewing the story, stayed for the additional content and made Ronnie truly lucky. 

Ronnie Got Lucky

Microsoft Malaysia


Internet URL
Creative Director
Liew Sanyen

Art Director
Benedict Tan

Justin Murugaya, Zaid

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Evonne Chia

Liew Sanyen, Benedict Tan

Client Service
Christopher Koh

Agency Producer
Lynette Cheng

Film Director
Liew Seng Tat


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