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(3.7) Social Media — MERIT, Satria Baju Hitam, Grey Kuala Lumpur

The Challenge
Convey this message to the public by introducing a saviour who can help the people save. 

The Idea
We created a fictional hero – Satria Baju Hitam - a localised version of the Masked Rider (Malaysia's beloved monster-beating Japanese hero). It would be an 80s-inspired character any money conscious 20-something would be familiar with. A retired has-been, he wants to keep fighting the good fight but struggled to stay relevant in this day and age. 
Q&E, fighting to bring consumers the lowest prices, has teamed up with Satria Baju Hitam. Their pledge is to help him get back on his feet as he champions low prices and better savings. 
Satria Baju Hitam's progress can be followed at various touchpoints: from Facebook to his personal blog to YouTube videos to the Satrianize Me app inviting fans to fight the good fight, as well as outlets and impromptu appearances. 
When customers shop at Q&E, they know that they aren't just saving money, they're helping Satria Baju Hitam save the world! 

Satria Baju Hitam

Quick & Easy Convenience Store Sdn. Bhd.

QE Convenience Store

Internet URL
Creative Director
David Sin

Art Director
Jonathan Lim, Chan Hock Liang

Suryadipura Salleh, Jenatun Zulkifli, Justine Lee
Cheok Chin Jin

Client Service
Tunku Eddy

Production House
Frame Motion

Agency Producer
Sulaiman Abu Bakar


Satria Baju Hitam


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