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(3.8) Craft [Art Direction] — BRONZE, Shifting realities, Immerse Communications Sdn Bhd

What is it? An epic augmented reality experience. 

Our mission... 
1. To shamelessly promote ourselves 
2. Show marketers how dramatically engaging digital media can be! 

What we did? 
1. We began our mission by creating an ad with an AR (Augmented Reality) marker for the August issue of the Advertising + Marketing Malaysia Magazine, a niche publication targetted specifically at local marketers. 
2. Little would they know that this marker would be the key to shifting their realities before their very eyes! Once the journey began, they would interact and explore another reality without leaving their seats. 

Why we did it? 
1. Marketers are an insatiable bunch of individuals who are always on the look-out for the next best thing that will help them sell whatever it is they need to sell. Today, with digital playing a crucial role in the mix of any marketing equation, we set out to show them just how "far" we could take them. 
2. Our way of walking the walk and showing marketers we've got the gears to S.H.I.F.T them forward because we're: 

S : Savvy - We understand how to engage today's tech savvy consumers 
H : Holy Sh*t Ideas! - We know how to WOW consumers with a great idea! 
I : Innovative - Conceptualising new ways to provide richer digital experiences 
F : Fun - Digital experiences should be sincerely entertaining 
T : Trackable - Whatever the results maybe, good or bad...we'll spill the beans. 

Shifting Realities

Immerse Communications

Augmented Reality Website

Internet URL
Creative Director
Kerry Khoo

Art Director
Tan Kok Huat

Kerry Khoo

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Wong Chen Li, Woon Szu Jin, Yeong Kit Meng

Sonny Soh, Chris Tan

Agency Producer
Jeffrey Tang

Wong Chen Li


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