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(3.10) Craft [Illustration] — BRONZE, Tucky Tucky, IF Interactive

KFC Malaysia has always been a well known family-friendly fast food favourite. 
But KFC wanted the brand to speak to the youth at their level too; to stay current and relevant.
As part of that plan, Snax was conceived; a youth portal with 3 main pillars: fashion, music and gaming.
The challenge now was to create a game that reinforced the gaming pillar of Snax.
We devised a unique branded game called Tucky², Snax’s gaming counterpart on Facebook called Tucky² - an adventure platform game, incorporating KFC’s branding and features from the Snax portal.
In Tucky², you take on the role of a Tuckien and go on a quest to search for a legendary recipe book on Planet Tucky.
Players will encounter strange creatures to fight and obtain ingredients for special recipes which include items from KFC’s menu – this strengthens the brand identity and allows us to introduce new KFC products within the game.
The levels and artwork in the game are designed in a quirky fashion; with at least 25 maps to explore, over 50 costumes, characters and weapons, all to be collected.
With so much to choose from, players can always expect a unique gaming experience.
Of course, being on a FB platform, Tucky² utilizes social media functions. For users to progress, users must invite their friends to battle certain enemies in the game.
In Tucky², players can gain Gold Coins in the game used to buy items such as new recipes, costumes and weapons.
These Gold Coins can also be converted into Snax Points which can be used on the Snax Portal, to make redemptions of KFC products.
New players are popping into Planet Tucky every day, as the quirky Tuckien continues to charm more youths, bringing the much-loved KFC brand closer to them.

Tucky Tucky

KFC Holdings

Fast Food

Internet URL

Creative Director
Liew Sanyen

Art Director
Birdie Ting


Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Zhi Quan, Chia Yong Ling

Darien Toh

Client Service
Christopher Koh, Lynette Cheng, Stephanie Kwan


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