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(4.1) Direct [Single] — BRONZE, An orange that took on a new life, Leo Burnett Advertising

The Brief 
Design a Chinese New Year card to send along with a basket of mandarin oranges, to all LB & ARC clients. 

The Solution 
Throughout the ages, mandarin oranges are typically included in the tradition of gift-giving among the Chinese during the Lunar New Year to convey wishes of prosperity. But due to its common presence, no one gives a second thought to its symbolism. So, we decided to change people’s mundane perception of the orange. We gave the orange a whole new lease of life by transforming it into the Chinese zodiac animal for 2009 – the Tiger. We designed a Chinese New Year greeting card containing a special set of stickers bearing an assortment of tiger eyes, nose, stripes, etc. that could be used to decorate the oranges so that they resemble the Tiger. This way, our clients could have fun turning oranges into tigers before handing them out to family and friends. In addition to the Tiger, these stickers will be adapted for subsequent animals in the Chinese zodiac according to their respective lunar years – Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat and Ox. We have even coined a name for these orange animals heralding the Tiger as the pioneer – Harry Meow (as in Harimau – the Malay translation for tiger) & Friends. 

The Results
We received many compliments with requests for additional stickers (which we had to reprint due to the unexpected demand). Many clients took the initiative to pose their orange tigers in front of various backgrounds and took pictures of them before uploading them onto Facebook. Many even used their tigers as profile pictures during the Chinese New Year period. 

An Orange That Took On A New Life

Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide

Chinese New Year 2010
Creative Director
Theresa Tsang, Valerie Chen

Art Director
Koh Siok Yee

Valerie Chen

Foo Peng Cheong

Foo Peng Cheong

Print Producer
Ong Chee Hin, Fok Soop Chin


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