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(4.1) Direct [Single] — BRONZE, Winning chip, Ogilvy Malaysia

A LOSING SITUATION: These CIOs are not customers of IBM. They are cost conscious, choosing cheaper IT products even during good economic times. But when the economic crisis hit in 2009, it became apparent that change was not only necessary, but critical. IBM wanted to demonstrate that it can help bring about the much-needed change for survival, or even success. And it’s easy. 

JUST ONE MOVE: Switch to IBM. We help businesses do more than just survive; they thrive and emerge winners. To demonstrate, Reversi* sets were sent to CIOs. The game board shows a losing situation. But there is one move left. The DM urges the CIO to place a special White IBM chip in the empty slot. Once placed, the CIO can instantly flip the losing situation into a winning one. 

WIN THE GAME: The campaign’s measurement of success is the generation of validated leads worth RM5.26 million in a month. One week after delivery, the DM packs had generated RM15.8 million in validated leads, overachieving the target by 300%. 

AWARD WINS: Gold Winner of DMA Malaysia 2009 – Best Direct Dimensional Mail. Gold Winner of DMA Malaysia 2009 – Best Business-to-Business Direct Mail. Bronze Winner of DMA Echo, New York 2010. Finalist in Malaysia Effie 2010. 

Winning Chip


IT solutions

Internet URL
Creative Director
Lee Siew Tin

Art Director
Wong Chin Wei

Celestine Lau

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Soh Kian Teck

Client Service
Alan Tan, Aaron Foong


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