Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(2.5) Point of Sale — MERIT, UFO, McCann Erickson (M) Sdn Bhd

VO: Not long ago, a little girl was in her backyard, when an alien spacecraft streaked across the sky and descended in front of her. With a blinding flash, its doors opened. Out floated an alien life form, imposing yet gentle. “Earthling, do not fear; for I need your assistance” it said; telepathically. “My fuel cells are depleted and I require sustenance... Specifically, sugar.”
Girl: And that’s who ate the cookies! Not me.
ANNCR: Expand your child’s imagination. Head to the Book Xcess Kids Corner, next to the information desk, and get them to read more for less.


Book Xcess Sdn Bhd

Books & Publications

Creative Director
Hwa, Szu-Hung Lee

Benjamin Ng, Primus Nair

Client Service
Goh Meng Yao

Production House
Add Audio Ex Sdn Bhd

Agency Producer
Pauline Moreira

Production House Producer
Melisa Kwong

Geoffrey Nicholson, Estella Maria Fredericks

Susan Lankester

Sound Engineer
Muhammad Bin Bahir


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