Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(9.1) Copywriting — BRONZE, Court, Grey Kuala Lumpur

*English Translation

Man: Ms Chan, I understand that you are here to win the baby’s custody? Very well then I have some questions for you. Would you come home from work every night and still feed the baby yourself?
Woman: Of course.

Man: When your baby is done with his milk, would you sing to him?
Woman: I will.

Man: And would you spend time putting him to sleep?
Woman: I sure will.

Man: And would you keep waking up every night, at one o’clock in the morning, and at two, three, four, five and six o’clock to check on his diaper?
Woman: I…..

Man: Your honor, I have no further questions.

FVO: Baby Love Night diaper keeps it dry and comfortable with its strong absorption. Now both the baby and mum can have a goodnight sleep.

Woman: Your honor, I will!



Disposable Soft Goods (DGS)

Baby Love Diapers

Creative Director
David Sin

Phoecus Lee, Lee Weng Onn, Yong Mei Yee

Client Service
Daphne Wong, Kong Ee Lynn

Production House
two am

Agency Producer
Sulaiman Abu Bakar, Suzy Chiang

Production House Producer
Joanne P

Ang Kim Siew, Lee Choon Pong

Sophia Chin



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