Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(9.1) Copywriting — MERIT, Discussion, AMP Radio Networks

Diarrhea strikes at any time, and it’s very embarrassing when you are in a meeting, dining, chatting and so on… So most of the time you would try to put up with it, but your body language and the expression on your face will not. And that might cause a huge misunderstanding.

Boss: At first, I really thought highly of Edmund. Today, I needed some ideas for a proposal, So I thought it would be a good opportunity for him to shine, But our discussion went on until 6pm. He started showing how impatient and restless he is! He kept his mouth shut, didn’t contribute any ideas... I never expected that when I came back from making a cup of coffee, he was gone! Must’ve had a hot date!

ANNR: Holding in your diarrhea might cause a huge misunderstanding. Take TYT Anti-diarrhea pill, put a stop to it.

Boss: It’s already 6pm, why are you still around? Is there something wrong with my brand new Rolex?



Hong Yang Hoo Pharma Sdn Bhd

TYT Anti-Diarrhea Pill

Creative Director
Hoe Kai Yew

Hoe Kai Yew, Ho Soo Wei

Client Service
Stanley Chen/ Sueanne Chua

Production House
AMP Radio Networks

Agency Producer
Hoe Kai Yew

Production House Producer
Jimmy Chua, Shelyne Wai

Ho Soo Wei, Tan Chuan Hui



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