Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

(9.1) Copywriting — MERIT, Dr. Lax, AMP Radio Networks

SFX: Door Knocking

Doctor: Come in!?

SFX: Door opens

SFX: Foot steps

Doctor: Please take a seat.

SFX: Pulling out the chair

SFX: Man sitting down

Doctor: Done.

Patient: But you haven’t even started on the check up.

Doctor: You heard me asking you to come in means you don’t have any hearing problem. You seeing the chair means you don’t have any eye-sight problem. You talking to me means you don’t have any communication problem. You sitting on this chair means your brain is functioning as it should. Since you’re able to walk, stand, hear, see, and talk, what problems have you got?!

ANNR: Pre-occupational health check up shouldn’t be so lackadaisical! Let BP Heathcare give you a thorough check up. Log on to bphealthcare.com


Dr. Lax

BP Healthcare Group

Medical Check Up

Creative Director
Hoe Kai Yew

Hoe Kai Yew

Client Service
Alan Khoo

Production House
AMP Radio Networks

Agency Producer
Hoe Kai Yew

Production House Producer
Jimmy Chua, Shelyne Wai

Ho Soo Wei, Lee Chun Pong, Chong Siow Theen



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