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(3.1) Website — BRONZE, HALLS Shockville, Immerse Communications Sdn Bhd

Brief and Marketing Objectives:
Whether we’re schoolers or workers, we all share one common problem: THE ZOMBIE SYNDROME. We often laugh at those falling asleep in class or at work. But when it happens while we’re driving or handling machineries, it just stops being funny.

To highlight the importance of staying fresh and alert, Halls Shockville was launched! In this Facebook game, residents of Shockville Town turned into Sleepyheads after being infected by the Zzz. Players take on the roles of Shocketeers and help reinvigorate the Sleepyheads by shooting Halls candies into their mouths.

In addition to the online event, we took Shockville to the campuses! Eight campuses took part and one emerged the winner: SEGi University College!

By the end of the eight-week campaign, 72,199 games were played by 5,713 Shocketeers who, hopefully, are more aware of the importance of staying invigorated, lest they too catch the Zzz.

HALLS Shockville

Kraft Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Facebook Connect Website

Creative Director
Kerry Khoo, Randy Lee

Art Director
Tan Kok Huat

Muhammad Zafri

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Woon Szu Jin

Sonny Soh, Chris Tan,Steve Poi

Client Service
Jeffrey Tang, Eugene Wong, Sally Tan, Cheong May Yeen

Tan Kok Huat, Woon Szu Jin

Young Creative Award Name
Woon Szu Jin



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