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Some of us were born with abled bodies and a life of comfort. Some of us aren't so lucky. In the spirit of New Year, we thought to share a little bit of what we have with those with special needs. So, we came up with Light Up.

With Light Up, users could send New Year's greetings to their beloveds while tagging virtual light bulbs to any of the three charities: Happiness Centre, Sinthamani Orphanage and Persatuan Warga Tua dan Kanak-kanak. The more greetings sent, the brighter the charities became on our virtual map, and the more we'll give too.

Within just a few days, 347 virtual light bulbs were lit. With Happiness Centre being the brightest, we headed to the charities to help out.

While our part may not be that much, we're somewhat relieved to know that for many of us, the first of January comes any day.


Light Up!

Immerse Communications

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Creative Director
Kerry Khoo

Art Director
Tan Kok Huat

Kerry Khoo, Muhammad Zafri

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Wong Chen Li, Woon Szu Jin

Sonny Soh, Chris Tan

Client Service
Jeffrey Tang

Young Creative Award
Woon Szu Jin

Tan Kok Huat



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