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(3.3) Online Advertising — MERIT, The Rallye to Monte-Carlo Banner, Tribal DDB

The Challenge:
PROTON wanted to create excitement about its online game The Rallye to Monte-Carlo on paultan.org, Malaysia's most popular automotive blog. But people don't go to blogs to look at banners, especially in spaces that have long-since turned into blind spots.

We created The Rallye to Monte-Carlo Web Banner, a banner that engaged audiences when they were ready to be engaged. Inspired by usability studies, we created a banner with a call to action below the fold. Our research taught us that people are least resistant to marketing attempts AFTER they have satisfied their web browsing objectives. So, we concentrated our efforts at the bottom of the front page, when people had already finished scanning through the latest content. By starting at the end of the user journey, we added to twist to an otherwise routine experience; we created interest, excitement and curiosity for the game.

Clicking on the banner led to a spirited chase to the top of the page in an attempt to catch the star of our game, the Proton Satria Neo S2000. Once the audience had made it to the call to action button, they were as good as signed up for the rally.


The Rallye to Monte-Carlo

Perusahaan Otomobil Sdn. Bhd. (PROTON)


Internet URL

Creative Director
Faizal Reza

Art Director
Ashok Kumar

Suffian Rahman, Lam Wai Kit

Remi Helmay, Yeo Chin Ling

Client Service
Lola Chin, Nik Lim, Soo Kwok Weng

Young Creative Award
Lam Wai Kit

Production House Producer
Cody Audio Production



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