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(3.4) Open — BRONZE, Make the Street Yours, Grey Kuala Lumpur

Tiger Beer organises an annual international street football tournament. All participating markets have a mandatory templated tournament site. Closer to the 2011 grand finals in Malaysia, we wanted to create more consumer engagement, awareness and ultimately earn better brand affinity.

In line with the main campaign concept of owning the streets, we created a site where users compete for virtual ownership of Malaysian streets, by playing online games of our own modified version of street football. Games are simple and addictive. Players just need to overcome obstacles to score a goal and win ‘ownership’ of a street. On the flip side, ‘owners’ can rearrange obstacles to prevent invading players from scoring. As such, the game’s difficulty ramps up as our community of players get better at it, ensuring that gameplay always feels fresh and challenging. Each new street a player owns will be renamed after them. The game’s overall winner is the one who owns the highest number of streets at campaign’s end. In-game achievements, wins and losses are all posted on Facebook via Connect, getting players’ friends to join in the fun as well.


  • 419 860 online impressions for the Tiger Street Football tournament over 6 weeks
  • 92% more new Facebook LIKES in the month post-launch, compared with the month before
  • 4172 games played on our busiest day
  • 23,649 hits and 595 registered players within first 3 days
  • 97.39% of traffic referred through social media

Our art direction so impressed the client that we’ve been engaged in a regional capacity to set the look for Tiger Street Football’s digital properties in 2012.


Make the Street Yours

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) Malaysia

Tiger Street Football Tournament

Internet URL

Creative Director
David Sin

Art Director
Benedict Tan, Joe Lim Kean Jiu, Toh Tee Reei

Tang Wai Hoong

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Toh Tee Reei, Benedict Tan, Joe Lim Kean Jiu

Chang Chew Soon

Client Service
Oliver Cheah, Simon Wee, Stan Chooi, Ee Seet Ling, Kok Pek Yee

Young Creative Award Name
Joe Lim Kean Jiu



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