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(3.5) Cyber Campaign — BRONZE, Potato Heads: Samurai, Grey Kuala Lumpur

The Brief:
Create a younger, hipper image for Jack 'n Jill Potato Chips. Help the brand get online and connect with young users of the massive social media space.

The Strategy:
Leverage on the renewed popularity of the Mr. Potato Head toy to create a new campaign based on potatoes with interesting personalities. These will become the wacky, fun, memorable new faces of the brand.

The Solution:
Our idea is that Jack 'n Jill uses only the best potatoes - depicted by potatoes with interesting personalities that are best at their own individual fields. The Facebook app offers various engagement components that expand on the campaign premise.

Campaign Components:

  1. Potato head-themed tell-a-friend components lets users turn friends’ heads into potato heads.
  2. Online only videos that show more potato personalities that are the best at what they do.
  3. Contest: Users invent their own potato personalities. The best are turned into new potato videos.


Potato Heads: Samurai

URC Food Malaysia

Jack 'N Jill Potato Chips

Internet URL

Creative Director
David Sin

Art Director
Benedict Tan, Kellie Ong, Andrew Gooi

Phang Kuan Hoong, Suryadipura Salleh

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Dominic Chin, Wind Sow, Joe Lim Kean Jiu, Chan Hock Liang

Yap Chin Ket, Yeong Chin Ran, Lee Wun Hui, Eddie Lee

Client Service
Ee Seet Ling

Vince Low

Young Creative Award
Kellie Ong, Dominic Chin, Joe Lim Kean Jiu, Wind Sow



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