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(7.1) Open — SILVER, REBOOT - THE ROBOT PROJECT - Sparky, Windy, Bubbles, McCann Erickson (M) Sdn Bhd

The Challenge:
Oh & Ah Enterprise, retailer and designer of handmade, eccentric everyday objects wanted to increase the value perception of artisanal handmade creations.

The Solution:
Redefining Recycling: Building value with handmade creations.

We build a series of Reboot Robots to highlight the process of Upcycling—the act of creatively converting “useless” objects into something of higher value. Reboot Robots are expressions of how with a little creative ingenuity and effort, waste materials can be repurposed to create something “new’, better and beautiful.

When placed in a local lifestyle mall, these motion-sensor activated robots come to life whenever someone passed by, drawing attention to what many called “works of art’—giving these bits-of-junk a complete value reboot.


REBOOT - THE ROBOT PROJECT - Sparky, Windy, Bubbles

Oh and Ah Enterprise

Retail - Artisanal Handmade Creations

Creative Director
Ean-Hwa Huang, Szu-Hung Lee

Art Director
Ng Teck Yew, Lee Kwee Keak

Ng Bee Nee

Designer Name
Chu Yin Shan, Azlaili Yunus

Client Service
Nur Iman Omar

Mak Kah Heng, Ravin Thiruchelvam, Michelle Lee, K C Lee

Photography Studio
Untold, IFL Studio

Print Producer
Jimmy Ong

Production House
Detouche Post Sdn Bhd

Agency Producer
Pauline Moreira

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