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SILVER — Read & Sing The News

The objective
Build affinity with 15-24 year olds. Ultimate goal is to make 15-14 year olds turn to The Star on a regular basis.

The strategy
The idea is based on the understanding that young people are interested in techy gadgets, facebook, youtube, karaoke, clubbing and movies. Basically, this sums up that young people love entertainment and having fun.

Our strategy is to show them that reading the news is actually something cool, hip and also entertaining. To achieve this, we came up with an interesting and fresh idea of Read and Sing the News. The idea is also based on the very core of reading the Newspaper. Lets face it, you will have to read it before you can actually sing, right?

The campaign consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Flash mobs to launch campaign.
Flash mobs will be held in colleges and shopping centres to launch this campaign where our talents will be singing the news acappella style with lyrics gotten directly from TheStar newspaper iteslf.

Phase 2: Print ad of the singing contest
Following up with this event, a print ad of an upcoming competition where participants will be creating their music videos by singing a song according to the lyrics found in TheStar newspapers.

Phase 3: Read and sing the news contest
A competition will be held for people to participate in where they will be creating their own music videos by singing a song according to the lyrics found in TheStar newspapers. Participants will be judged based on public votes on condition that they must share and ‘like‘ the video on Facebook and YouTube.


Low Koon Chin, Low Jun Hoong, Ng Sae Kar, Chong Chin Yau
The One Academy of Communication Design



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