Kancil Awards

The Malaysian Advertising Awards

Gold — StarBridge

Lee Jia Chang, Low Han Hoe, William Siah Wei Shian
The One Academy of Communication Design

Most of us get our daily source of information and news by reading the newspapers. However, most teenagers today have no interest in getting to know about local or global news, not to mention reading the newspapers. Teenagers have now evolved to suit their needs in this information age. Everything they need to know can be found in the internet, which may lead them to read only preferred news.

How do we take up the challenge of getting teenagers to read the newspapers and build up a good reading habit? Based on what we analyze, most teenagers are gadget savvy and are seen using smart phones these days. Even though The Star already has an existing mobile application for smart phone owners to read news conveniently, the idea is not attractive enough for teenagers.

We’ve created a mobile application – StarBridge, which combines the use of augmented reality (AR) and QR codes. It could be easily downloaded from the App Store and Android Market. It looks trendy and fun to play with, and most importantly it is very easy to use. After downloading the application, switch it on and it will automatically go on camera mode. This is when you can scan an AR or QR code located in The Star newspapers.

This next step is where we made the teenagers or public read the news article. After scanning the code, you have to answer a simple question before proceeding. For example: How many goals did Arsenal score in the latest match? You have to read the article in order to know the answer for the question. After answering correctly, a 3D model will appear in your phone, you can see the actual thing in any angle as if you were there or you could be linked into a series of related video clips or photos.

We’ve also created a series of print advertisements to attract and introduce this new technology to the public, and to inform the public that The Star newspaper has it. In addition, there will be a video demonstrating step by step instructions to use the StarBridge application. It is not just a video to demonstrate, it could be posted up in social websites to get free exposures.



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