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HOME RESULTS: 2015 2014 (6.1) Radio [Single] — BRONZE, Boss, Astro Radio

(6.1) Radio [Single] — BRONZE, Boss, Astro Radio

ANNR: The Alladdin lighter is not an ordinary lighter. When you light it up, the flame can be as furious as your boss’s anger. Boss: (Very angry) What sort of a person are you? How is it possible that you managed to screw this simple thing up?!!!! ANNR: Later, when your boss found out that his drinking buddy cum the manager was involved… Boss: ( A bit angry) I’ve told you, you are only human, not superman, why did you have to do everything yourself? ANNR: In fact, your boss’s brother-in-law was involved too… Boss: No worries, humans always learn from mistakes. ANNR: In the end, when it came to light that it all stemmed from his sexy secretary’s mistake… Boss: (PACIFYING) We are all human, and human will surely make mistakes, so don’t cry sweet heart! ANNR: Like your boss’s anger, the Alladin lighter’s flame can also be adjusted.


DKSH Malaysia

Alladdin Lighter

Creative Director
Hoe Kai Yew

Hoe Kai Yew

Client Service
Zech Pharamond

Production House
Astro Radio

Agency Producer
Hoe Kai Yew

Production House Producer
Jimmy Chua, Puteri Balqis

Tan Chuan Hui, Ho Soo Wei

Size/Duration of Ad
45 sec


Results: 2015

Golden Kancil

Kucing Happy, Fishermen Integrated

Kancil For Good

Sama-Sama, Fishermen Integrated

Advertiser of the Year


Young Kancil
24 Hours Winners 

Olivia Ariferiani / Abiseshana Mohan / Carmen Cheong,

Gold Winners

gold-tapirCut a tree. Kill a life - Tapir, Y&R Malaysia

gold-evereadybookofplayEveready Book Of Play,

gold-kuchinghappyKucing Happy,
Fishermen Integrated

Fishermen Integrated