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Faizal Reza

Faizal Reza,
Tribal DDB

Ask him about vintage motorcycles. Whether you mention Harleys, Triumphs or Vespas, you’ll see his eyes light up the moment you start talking about riding. 

The other way to get his attention is to have a brilliant idea. And the easier it is to explain your idea, the better your chances of impressing him. 

As Creative Director at Tribal DDB Malaysia, Faizal has learned to spot a hit when he sees one. He brings together profound artistic sensibilities with a streetwise grasp of contemporary digital technology and culture. 

With over 12 years experience in the digital industry, his portfolio of clients includes PROTON, Nippon Paint, Volkswagen, AirAsia, IBM, DHL, Levi’s, Fitness First, Toyota, MAS, Petronas, Maxis, Hotlink, and Sony and an assortment of metals from the International Echo Awards, the New York Festivals, the Kancil Awards, the DMAM Awards and the Asia Interactive Awards.

But if you’re not really sure about your idea, then you’re better off asking him about motorcycles. 




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