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5.0 Innovative Media - Silver - Washing Machine Demo, BBDO

he Brief: To elevate Olympus above all camera brands by focusing on the unmatched waterproof and shockproof features of the u770SW.

To dramatize both its waterproof and shockproof features, we placed the camera in a washing machine to be spun and knocked around. This demonstration would have worked as a recorded video. But the client and agency team wanted the element of reality. So the bold move was taken to do this demonstration at a major camera fair, in front of a live audience. Would it work?

Results: It was a success! The crowd was in disbelief when the camera still worked, even after taking such a beating. Client
Olympus (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


Olympus u770 SW

Washing Machine Demo

BBDO Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Client Service
Caroline Tan

Creative Director
Ronald Ng/MUN

Ronald Ng/Kevin Le/Joanne Chow

Art Director

Kelvin Leong/Han Pei Lee

Print Producer
Dickson Teh

Production House

Agency Producer
Han Pei Lee

Production House Producer
Rosa Check



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