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HOME RESULTS: 2015 2014 (15) Innovative Use of Media — MERIT, Project RM - It pays to quit, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

(15) Innovative Use of Media — MERIT, Project RM - It pays to quit, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of premature deaths in Malaysia. On average, we lose 1,200 lives a day due to illnesses associated with smoking. Yet the number of smokers in Malaysia is increasing every year. The most worrying fact is that the highest number of smokers in the country, now come from the ages of 18-40.

We knew we needed a plan to get our youths to quit the habit, so that Malaysia will have a healthier generation moving forward. We also realised the youths of today loved their material possessions and hedonistic lifestyles. Hence, we devised a plan to scare the youths into realising that every cigarette purchased is harmful to their lifestyle.

First we created a new brand of 'Cigarettes' called RM, which is also the acronym for Ringgit Malaysia, our national currency. We then went to youth hot spots and distributed the 'Cigarette' packs to them. But instead of cigarettes, they found RM1 notes rolled into the shape of cigarettes inside the pack. They were accompanied by an insert describing how much they could save and the cool stuff they could own if they quit the habit while they were still young.

Then we took it to the next level and created a microsite. The microsite helps young adults who gave up smoking stay motivated, by reminding them how much money they are saving. Targets were also provided so they could visualise and browse all the possessions they could now afford, and then share their success on various social platforms.

The campaign made youths reconsider their unhealthy habit and in an odd sort of way, started them on the habit of saving.

Project RM - It pays to quit



Creative Director
Sathi Anand

Art Director
Lim Seng Seong, Sathi Anand

Sathi Anand, Caroline Denby

Designer Name
Lim Seng Seong, Nicholas Soh

Web Designer/Multimedia Designer
Lim Seng Seong, Monster Interactive

Monster Interactive

Client Service
Adrian Sng, Gavin Teoh, Chin Yien Yien

Ilustrator Name
Chia Kia Kiat, Fik Haron

Typographer Name
Lim Seng Seong, Nicholas Soh

Photographer Name
Terry Teh

Photography Studio
ThreeSixty Photography

Print Producer
Francesca Koh

Color Separation
Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Sdn Bhd

Production House

Agency Producer
Helen Lau / Lilian Lee / Fara Ghazali / Elle Chang

Production House Producer

Director Of Photography
Scott Hashim

Fuse Asia

Teou Chee Wai (Retoucher)


Results: 2015

Golden Kancil

Kucing Happy, Fishermen Integrated

Kancil For Good

Sama-Sama, Fishermen Integrated

Advertiser of the Year


Young Kancil
24 Hours Winners 

Olivia Ariferiani / Abiseshana Mohan / Carmen Cheong,

Gold Winners

gold-tapirCut a tree. Kill a life - Tapir, Y&R Malaysia

gold-evereadybookofplayEveready Book Of Play,

gold-kuchinghappyKucing Happy,
Fishermen Integrated

Fishermen Integrated