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HOME RESULTS: 2015 2014 (11.3) Vernacular Campaign - Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese [Best Copy - Single] — MERIT, Superstar, Astro Radio

(11.3) Vernacular Campaign - Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese [Best Copy - Single] — MERIT, Superstar, Astro Radio

MVO: Miss, would you be interested to appear in our TVC?
ANNR: No matter how low a profile you keep, your beauty will still be discovered by those with great taste. You being approached on the street means it is your destiny to become famous. Now you can feel the fire burning in your belly. You will become popular! Soon, you will have your own fan page. You will become an ambassador in advertising campaigns, you will become an actress in a Hong Kong TV series, you will act in Hollywood movies, you will walk on the red carpet, you will attend international awards, and of course you will marry a famous guy and adopt some orphans from Africa. So you go for facial treatments, you apply moisturizing lotion, sun block, whitening cream, anti-ageing cream, and you try to avoid the radiation from your laptop. You avoid eating oily food, you say no to desserts, you go for a Paleo diet, and of course you have to give up your favorite soft-shell crab spaghetti . On the shooting day, before you have the chance to face the camera, the director says: Cut! That’s a good take! What?! You’re just an extra??? Don’t be disappointed. The fire in our bellies is just like the flame from an Alladdin lighter. It can be put out, but it can also be ignited with a gentle roll of your thumb. Alladdin lighters, if there’s fire, there’s hope.


DKSH Malaysia

Alladdin Lighter

Creative Director
Hoe Kai Yew

Hoe Kai Yew

Client Service
Zech Pharamond

Production House
Astro Radio

Agency Producer
Hoe Kai Yew

Production House Producer
Jimmy Chua

Tan Chuan Hui, Lee Chun Pong


Results: 2015

Golden Kancil

Kucing Happy, Fishermen Integrated

Kancil For Good

Sama-Sama, Fishermen Integrated

Advertiser of the Year


Young Kancil
24 Hours Winners 

Olivia Ariferiani / Abiseshana Mohan / Carmen Cheong,

Gold Winners

gold-tapirCut a tree. Kill a life - Tapir, Y&R Malaysia

gold-evereadybookofplayEveready Book Of Play,

gold-kuchinghappyKucing Happy,
Fishermen Integrated

Fishermen Integrated