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(7.5) Craft for Cyber & Mobile [User Experience, Interface & Navigation] - BRONZE, Brain 'Happy Creation', LUNCH COMMUNICATIONS

The Japanese magazine "BRAIN" is the most popular magazine amongst those who are interested in creative work. Since 2009, they have asked foreign designers and creative agencies to design the front cover visual. For their February/March issue, they invited our agency to design the front cover visual of the magazine, with the theme 'Happy Creation'.

'Happy Creation' means freedom to express ourselves creatively. By utilizing AR technology, we created a fun digital experience that allows the reader to paint graffiti on their computer screen using their magazine cover, and then share the image on social media. We embedded an AR code onto the graphic of the magazine cover. The camera on computer monitor will recognize the AR code on the cover of the magazine. It will activate the program that enables the reader to use their magazine as spray gun with different colors and sizes to create a live painting.

Brain 'Happy Creation'

Product / Service 
Brain Magazine

Sendenkaigi Co.,Ltd.


Executive Creative Director
Woon Hoh

Creative Director
Bee Lee, Joseph Lee

Art Director
Nicholas Kosasih, Apiwat Pattalarungkhan

Irvine Prisilia, Bee Lee

Web / Multimedia Designer
Nicholas Kosasih, Apiwat Pattalarungkhan

Praneat Co.,Ltd.

Client Service
Tanner Nagib, Dinesh Sandhu, Margaret Chew

Apiwat Pattalarungkhan, Nicholas Kosasih



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