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(4.5) Crafts For Press, Outdoor, Direct and Design [Writing] - MERIT, Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Survivor? - Jen, McCann Erickson (M) Sdn Bhd

Breast cancer campaigns traditionally focus on awareness. But action is lacking. In conservative Malaysia, deeper discussions regarding breast health are still largely kept behind closed doors due to taboos or local sensitivities.This creates a knowledge gap. A majority of breast cancers are only being discovered in stage 4, which has a survival rate of 46%. If discovered just one stage earlier, the survival rate would have been double.

Working with survivors we were inspired by how open they were about their cancers and their breasts.They allowed us to tell their stories through their breasts. By creating models of their breasts complete with the tumors that had once been there, the exhibit allowed people to experience the journeys of breast cancer survivors.It invited people to find the lumps, then asked, "If these were your breasts, would you be a survivor too?" They also discovered educational information, proper demonstrations of self-exams and the most important point; that self-exams must always be backed up by clinical exams plus ultrasound scans or mammographies.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Survivor? - Jen

Product / Service
Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation

Chief Creative Officer
Richard Irvine

Creative Director
Gavin E. Hoh

Bee Nee Ng, Wong Jing Wei

Art Director
Vince Lee Chin Huei, Rachel Hoo

Jamie Hendricks

Client Service
Celina Loo, Yip Siew Fune

Print Producer
Jimmy Ong

Yap Wai Hung

Agency Producer
Pauline Moreira

AddAudio Ex Sdn Bhd

Sound Engineer
Rodney Thomas

Bhavani Rajaratnam

Andy Low Fie Puan

Jordan Goh Chee Yong

Event Agency
SquareRoots Sdn Bhd

Celina Loo, Yip Siew Fune, Margerak Doraisamy, Nazura binti Mad Nor

Liew Mun Tip, Dayang Norfariza, Jenny Ban, Laura Lee, OFFICERS OF PINK RIBBON WELLNESS (L) FOUNDATION

Yong Lee, Lee, Jenny Tan, Puan Sri Maniseh Adam, Datuk Dr Devanand



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