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(5.2) Cyber [Digital Tools & Utilities] - MERIT, Traffic Forecast, OgilvyOne Worldwide Kuala Lumpur

IBM’s cloud software has been used to improve cities all over the world: in health care, finance and even government. The challenge was to show how cloud computing can benefit Malaysians with tangible solutions for everyday problems, like traffic.

Traffic Forecast is an app that predicts traffic the same way weather is forecasted - up to 5 days ahead, with 89% accuracy. Using Cloud technology, data like weather forecasts, peak hours, road works and festive events is pulled and analyzed. The app syncs with users' schedules and sends alerts on best travel times.

Traffic Forecast

Product / Service
Traffic Forecast Application

IBM Malaysia

Executive Creative Director 
Gavin Simpson

Creative Director 
Rafael Guida

Art Director 
Goh Kien Kok

Ong Kay Jen

Web / Multimedia Designer 
Alexandra Sum

Client Service 
Shamim Narayan, Marianne Chan

Agency Producer
Eric Yan, Loo Seng Tuck, Jennafinz Goonting

Production House 
The Tankers Sdn Bhd

Production House Producer 
Pete Singh

Film Director
Albert Chew

Clayton Narcis, TJ Tee



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