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(5.6) Cyber [Integrated Digital Campaigns] - MERIT, Nando's 'Just Say Lah', TBWA KL

Nando's has noticed more and more brands trying to replicate its success with social commentary. But while the other brands were fighting tooth and nail for Likes and Shares, Nando's was ready to gun for a new level of engagement, something more active, and involved greater participation on its audience's part.

Insight: We observed an interesting turn of events: every time a hot topic surfaced, Malaysians would be clamouring to post it on Nando's Facebook wall, as if they wanted to see what Nando's could come up with. In fact, they would often suggest headlines, and some were actually pretty good.Idea:We decided to turn Malaysia into a creative agency, and let them all play copywriters using our platform, the Just Say Lah generator. Since they were so eager to express themselves, we let them express whatever was on their mind to the whole world on our ads, t-shirts, and even brand videos.

Nando's 'Just Say Lah'

Product / Service
PERi-PERi Flame-Grilled Chicken

Nando's Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Executive Creative Director
Sa'ad Hussein

Creative Director
VJ Anand

Neo Ming Yi, Shune, Eelyn Ng, Indra Irwan, Kharlal Nisha

Art Director
Mika Tay, Julian Yap

Amanda Kok, Tay Shen Thuu, Lee Xin Yi

Client Service
Judy Wong, Dzafri Mohd Azmi

Web / Multimedia Designer
MediaCliq Sdn Bhd



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