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(12.1) Direct [Direct Mail] - BRONZE, Andai Anda Sudi Kembali, Geometry Global Kuala Lumpur

Rumours that Porcine DNA was found in two Cadbury Dairy Milk product variants started spreading earlier this year. Not only 20 NGOs declared jihad on the brand, even consumers believed in it. Even though the rumours were later proven to be false, the damage was done. The seed of doubt was already planted. Consumers no longer trusted the brand that they have loved for so many years. We needed to help Cadbury Dairy Milk regain the lost trust from consumers. We needed Cadbury Dairy Milk to be loved again.

When there is doubt in any relationship, neither facts nor what is right matters anymore. Being pushy will only aggravate the problem. The only solution to win back trust is to show sincerity and the willingness to put the other person's feelings as a priority. We needed to give the consumer time and space.That is why we replaced our Cadbury Dairy Milk products in shelves with a new one called "Andai Anda Sudi Kembali". There was no chocolate inside. Instead it came with a letter to express that we were willing to wait for our consumers until they were ready. We showed our sincerity, and gave them time and space. When they were ready to accept us back into their lives, we would gift them a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates as a gesture of a revived relationship. We have won back trusts and many hearts and we are willing to continue showing our sincerity...

Andai Anda Sudi Kembali

Product / Service
Chocolates & Confectionary

Mondelez Malaysia Sales Sdn Bhd

Executive Creative Director
Mehdi Lamloum

Art Director
Wendy Chiu, Pravin Sutar

Sagar Paranjpe, Suffian Rahman, Yusof Osman, Benjamin Koh, Raina Abdul Rahman

Wendy Chiu, Yong Jow Liie, Chrystal Justalianus Lim, Lim Shu Yin, Goh Chon Yu, Chin Teck Fock

Client Service
Elicia Wee, Kenny Loh, Elaine Wong, Chin Hwai Hwe

Photography Studio
Untold Images

Production House
Luminous Entertainment Sdn Bhd



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